The list of some realized buildings projects

Spraying boxes of railway wagons, ŽOS, a.s. Trnava
A complex farm of closed herd of pigs, PD Chynorany
Manufacture of prototype machinery and plugs manufacturing, Form engineering Boleráz
Administrative and warehouse facility, VIA, s.r.o. Trnava
Reconstruction of the economic building of the slaughterhouse, PM, s.r.o. Tisovec
Reconstruction of dairy farms, Mikros-vin Mikulov, ČR
Repair workshop, SAD Trnava
Underground storage of hazardous substances – oil substances, Elastik Šelpice
Stabling capacity and riding stables for horses, Radvaň, s.r.o. Nová Bošáca
The amount of underground and over ground buildings for dung, slurry and silage
The amount of over ground tanks for fuel (diesel, petrol)
The amount of reconstructed buildings and new buildings for cattle
The amount of reconstructed buildings and new buildings for pigs
The amount of new and reconstructed buildings for poultry fattening and farming, including poultry laying halls with accessories
Facilities for processing and storage of plant products
The amount of reconstructed and new family houses
Warehouses and distribution of oil-fuel – Zvolen
Warehouses of monoethylene glycol – Šelpice
Petrol station – Modranka
Service hall with a car wash – Modranka
Laundry for work wear LINDSTRÖM – Trnava
DAM- Belar warehouses – Dunajská Streda
Transportation center – Horný Jatov
Biogas stations – 10 buildings
Agrotourism center – PD Šípkové
Agrotourism center Semat Trnava
Trenčín Nozdrkovce
Production of light-guiding boards – iNanoTech Slovakia
Manufacture of metal furniture including surface treatment – Besyn s.r.o. Trnava
The recovery of plastic waste-Lučenec Milenium Trading s.r.o.
The recovery of plastic waste Sereď-PC-invest s.r.o.

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