project documentation processing

at all stages of development, construction, evaluation and implementation of all types of building projects.

The company was established after liquidation of AG-Progres Trnava enterprise, with a focus on the industrialization of agricultural primary production (mechanization centers, industrial technology to the all types of production). The company operates as a separate entity since 1991. After the establishment of a separate entity, the program spread into the other industries (constructions of engineering industry, constructions of hazardous substances storages, services and workshops, water treatment plants, etc.).

To this date, the company processed more than 700 projects of large and small buildings with a complex range. Most of the buildings are finished to this date and the company held the position of head and liable architect.

Activities are teamwork executed with following personnel representation:

Engineer for complex engineering performance – complex industrial constructions – construction supervision

Engineer for building structures + static + budgeting building structures

Engineer for buildings energy equipment

Technician for building structures

Technician for manufacturing technology equipment

Technician for technical equipment of buildings

Certified employee for the leak test for the transport and storage of hazardous substances (LT2HS-Water Act)

News of the fire protection engineering

Reports of the fire protection engineering

We provide other professional activities ongoing external staff. We provide project outputs with computer equipment, external data exchange over the internet.

We can provide you with more detailed information on a personal meeting.

In addition to listed reference works our company proceeds with premises to handle the hazardous and noxious substances. These premises must comply with the ecological conditions of air quality, waste management, water law and also operation with flammable substances which must comply with fire standards and regulations.

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